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• An Easter Believer: Three Facts that Prove the Ressurrection

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There is a Santa Claus"
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The Life of Our Lord:
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• The Gospel Of Superman


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A Leader's Guide with teaching instructions and answers to questions in the student guide.

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 Latest Releases

John Wayne Move Bible Study

“John Wayne is the absolute all-time movie star.”
— Charlton Heston (“Moses” himself in The Ten Commandments)

“Well all right, but if I’m going to be holy, I’ve got to get some fun out of it.”
— John Wayne as “Quirt Evans” in Angel and the Badman

Angel and the Badman is the most Christian film the Duke ever made.
It is the redemption story of a wounded gunfighter and the Quaker family that helps him to heal—
not only physically, but also spiritually. Now, experience the “absolute all-time movie star” in his most Christian film with The John Wayne Movie Bible Study!




Why do we love Lucy?
Because no matter how much trouble she got into,
she always wound up
on top by grace!




To teach a lesson,
Jesus often used a parable

- an earthly story with a heavenly meaning.

Our Lord knew everything
about the wonderful
power of storytelling.

Following his example, how exciting would it be if you could use modern parables, with the appeal to attract both young and old, to illustrate eternal Biblical principles?

Now You Can!

The Mayberry Bible Study
The Beverly Hillbillies Bible Study
The Lucy Show Bible Study
The Van Dyke Show Bible Study
The Gilligan's Island Bible Study
The Bonanza Bible Study
The Super Man Bible Study
A Christmas Carol Bible Study
feature classic episodes with relevant scriptures for you to use as modern parables on the teachings of Jesus.

 The Complete Collection

The Van Dyke Show
Bible Study

with the Dick Van Dyke Show
"Using episodes of 'Mayberry' and 'Hillbillies' to teach the Word of God, classes are doubling
attendance at weekly Bible studies. Churches teaching by the blue glow of these shows now number in the thousands."
"In retrospect they seem downright progressive, those counterculture Clampetts. 'The Beverly Hillbillies' continues to tweak a foolish modern world that the Clampetts occupied without losing their souls. The Hillbillies look smarter with every passing season. More than ever, the joke is on the rest of us."
"Who says that Bible study shouldn't be fruitful and fun? Who says you can't laugh and learn at the same time? If you're looking for a way to spice up your Christian Bible study, use the parables of the culture as appetizers to the Life-changing parables of Jesus."

-Gannett News Service