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 Mayberry Moments Volume 1

Mayberry Moments Vol 1

Mayberry Moments Volume 1 features short lessons based on forty clips of classic “primetime parables”!

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Mayberry Memories Vol 1

Mayberry Moments
Volume 1


Clip 1: Barney kicks two cons out of their cell! (2:13)

Clip 2: Andy handles two “loaded goats”—a goat and Otis! (2:28)



Clip 1: Mr. Darling tells Andy his daughter is spoken for! (1:58)

Clip 2: Barney thinks he caught a criminal—on camera! (1:06)

Clip 3: Andy and Barney accuse young Jimmy of stealing! (2:22)



Clip 1: Barney has to know why Mrs. Tarbox is moving! (:49)

Clip 2: Barney plays (mis)matchmaker for Andy! (2:48)

Clip 3: Barney tries to break up Andy and Helen! (3:11)



Clip 1: Barney gives Opie dating advice! (1:54)

Clip 2: Opie asks what he can do with a “grown woman”! (2:20)

Clip 3: Andy tells Opie to shop with a “grown woman”! (1:20)



Clip 1: Barney learns his first car is a lemon! (2:36)

Clip 2: Barney apologizes to Andy—then offends again! (1:48)



Clip 1: Dud Wash shows his devotion to Charlene Darling! (1:31)



Clip 1: Barney needs a sign—because he just destroyed one! (:57)

Clip 2: Gomer gives new meaning to the word gunplay! (:43)

Clip 3: Barney has a bigger blind spot than the car he buys! (3:00)



Clip 1: Barney turns sour on a sweet little old lady! (1:37)



Clip 1: Barney is confident (if not arrogant) about singing! (2:07)

Clip 2: Barney is upstaged by a better singer—Opie! (1:35)



Clip 1: Barney thinks too much of his car! (1:15)

Clip 2: Barney tries to look like his favorite movie star! (:47)



Clip 1: Malcolm thanks Andy and Opie for their kindness! (1:40)

Clip 2: Barney got his parents a gift—a septic tank! (:49)

Clip 3: Andy lets Barney sing off-key in the office! (1:40)


Clip 1: Opie thinks he has to learn too much history! (1:03)

Clip 2: Barney shows Gomer how to handle a gun—not! (:57)

Clip 3: Barney puts the “less” in Opie’s history lesson! (2:28)



Clip 1: Thelma Lou heals Opie’s heartache with fudge! (1:52)

Clip 2: Barney runs off stray dogs—then fetches them back! (3:16)

Clip 3: Andy meets a hard-nosed inspector with a soft spot! (2:57)



Clip 1: Andy lets Malcolm the butler work at the house! (2:14)



Clip 1: Barney invests his money for a “rainy day”! (:44)



Clip 1: A spoiled kid tells Opie what “allowance” means! (2:24)

Clip 2: Barney almost buys another car from a car thief! (2:01)



Clip 1: Andy and Barney first meet Ernest T. Bass! (2:41)

Clip 2: Ernest T. throws rocks thru a window—at Barney! (1:06)

Clip 3: Jealous Ernest T. kidnaps a bride—he thinks! (2:02)



Clip 1: Aunt Bee becomes sick (with worry only)! (2:13)

Clip 2: Barney scoffs at how women worry—then worries! (2:34)