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Mayberry Moments Volume 2

Mayberry Moments Vol 1

Mayberry Moments Volume 2 features short lessons based on forty clips of classic “primetime parables”!

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Mayberry Memories Vol 1

Mayberry Moments
Volume 2


Clip 1: Barney’s landlady grows mushrooms for money! (1:10)

Clip 2: Barney hires Gomer as the number three officer! (2:10)



Clip 1: A postman says Andy isn’t the right “receptacle”! (:49)

Clip 2: Barney re-makes the small jail into the Big House! (:54)

Clip 3: Barney lectures prisoners about “Life at the Rock”! (1:32)



Clip 1: Barney enlists Otis and Gomer to protect Andy! (1:17)

Clip 2: Andy acts as father, mother—and nurse—to Opie! (:56)



Clip 1: Barney deputizes Gomer and Otis! (1:34)

Clip 2: Andy bravely waits for an ex-con to visit his house! (2:52)



Clip 1: Opie dresses up—and Andy has to too! (1:00)


Clip 1: Andy offers a dog a lunch—Barney’s lunch, that is! (2:24)



Clip 1: Andy gives Malcolm directions—like “crooked”! (2:34)

Clip 2: Mr. Darling asks for help with Ernest T. Bass! (2:07)

Clip 3: Gomer can't tell a carburetor from a car! (1:04)



Clip 1: Barney tries to be cool toward an old flame! (1:53)

Clip 2: Barney’s fancy new intercom flops! (1:22)

Clip 3: Barney brags about his attention to detail! (1:12)



Clip 1: Barney labels Malcolm the butler a “troublemaker”! (2:05)

Clip 2: Barney misjudges an ex-con with a gift for Andy! (2:50)

Clip 3: Andy spiffs up farmer Rafe for the town musicale! (2:43)



Clip 1: Barney talks too-sweetly over the phone to a girl! (1:26)

Clip 2: Barney starts a syrupy poem—and Andy ends it! (1:44)

Clip 3: Andy reunites with his high school sweetheart! (2:01)



Clip 1: Ernest T. tries to woo Charlene—with chin-ups! (2:21)

Clip 2: Opie shows off the jail to his would-be girlfriend! (2:31)

Clip 3: Opie asks why Barney wants to date Thelma Lou! (2:10)



Clip 1: Andy prods Barney back out of his personal Life! (2:28)

Clip 2: Barney gets Andy and Helen together—and apart! (2:21)

Clip 3: Andy and Opie talk—and Barney interrupts! (1:42)



Clip 1: Opie asks Andy how he can get a girl to like him! (1:48)

Clip 2: Opie tries to pitch a fit—and explains each step! (1:57)

Clip 3: Barney lectures Andy on how to raise Opie! (1:35)



Clip 1: Barney fakes a phone call—to trick Thelma Lou! (1:34)

Clip 2: Barney holds a grudge against a rude little girl! (2:39)



Clip 1: Barney manipulates his intercom to prove a point! (1:54)

Clip 2: Mr. Darling gets one room—and brings five folks! (2:06)



Clip 1: Andy tells Opie history is hard! (2:26)

Clip 2: Barney tries to teach Andy how to memorize dates! (1:41)

Clip 3: Andy recounts the midnight ride of Paul Revere! (3:31)



Clip 1: Otis goes from dead to full-steam-ahead! (1:56)