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 Primetime Moments Volume 1

Mayberry Moments Vol 1

Primetime Moments Volume 1 features short lessons based on forty clips of classic “primetime parables”!


Clip 1: Mayberry
Andy learns that Barney is a sound sleeper! (2:04)

Clip 2: Mayberry
Barney recruits Gomer as a lookout—look out! (2:03)



Clip 1: Mayberry
Barney is depressed to be under-dressed! (1:33)

Clip 2: Beverly Hillbillies
Ms. Hathaway thinks the Clampetts are the help! (2:08)

Clip 3: Mayberry
Andy gets a letter—and Barney (mis)reads it! (1:57)



Clip 1: Beverly Hillbillies
Jed is amused when an oil scout says he’s rich! (2:05)

Clip 2: Beverly Hillbillies
Jed counts his blessings—instead of his money! (1:18)



Clip 1: Lucy Show
Lucy nearly sells her soul for a sale! (2:08)

Clip 2: Mayberry
Andy and Barney fake knowing an old classmate! (1:10)

Clip 3: Dick Van Dyke Show
Rob pretends not to look for his birthday present! (3:13)



Clip 1: Lucy Show
Lucy shops and breaks everything but the bank! (1:30)

Clip 2: Beverly Hillbillies
Granny calls the cops on Pearl—for yodeling! (3:11)



Clip 1: Gilligan’s Island
Gilligan grills fish—on a boat deck! (2:46)



Clip 1: Lucy Show
Lucy talks about an aggressive shopper: Lucy! (1:08)

Clip 2: Beverly Hillbillies
Mr. Drysdale meets Jed—and his money! (2:56)

Clip 3: Beverly Hillbillies
Jed meets a jeweler who learns he is loaded! (1:56)



Clip 1: Dick Van Dyke Show
Rob wears the pants, but Laura holds the wallet! (1:15)

Clip 2: Lucy Show
Lucy lunches on a bowl of hot water (with lemon)! (3:02)

Clip 3: Lucy Show
Lucy tries to buy a couch—with Mooney’s money! (1:00)



Clip 1: Dick Van Dyke Show
Rob and Laura argue over a painter—who cooks! (1:58)

Clip 2: Dick Van Dyke Show
Rob gives an object lesson on household hazards! (1:10)



Clip 1: Gilligan’s Island
Gilligan struggles with purity—in Ginger’s arms! (1:22)

Clip 2: Gilligan’s Island
Ginger (of all people) takes a stand for chastity! (2:55)

Clip 3: Gilligan’s Island
Gilligan counts four-letter words—like “from”! (2:35)



Clip 1: Lucy Show
Lucy won’t open a private letter—without steam! (2:17)

Clip 2: Lucy Show
Lucy tries to sneak in late behind Mr. Mooney! (1:00)


Clip 1: Mayberry
Barney seems off-key as a “trained singer”! (2:46)

Clip 2: Lucy Show
Lucy buys cans of beans—for their double-refund! (2:28)



Clip 1: Dick Van Dyke Show
Rob finds a secret bank book kept by Laura! (1:05)

Clip 2: Dick Van Dyke Show
Rob should have deposited more trust in Laura! (2:50)



Clip 1: Gilligan’s Island
Gilligan can’t decide if a rescue is good or bad! (:57)

Clip 2: Dick Van Dyke Show
Rob stifles a sneeze, not sure where to “a-choo”! (1:08)



Clip 1: Gilligan’s Island
The Castaways plan together to get off the island! (2:03)

Clip 2: Gilligan’s Island
The Castaways make a hut-boat they hope floats! (2:32)

Clip 3: Gilligan’s Island
The Castaways set sail without a sail! (1:35)



Clip 1: Beverly Hillbillies
Ms. Hathaway hides Granny from Mrs. Drysdale! (2:54)

Clip 2: Dick Van Dyke Show
Rob talks to Ritchie about love for others! (3:32)

Clip 3: Mayberry
Opie asks for more money for fewer chores! (2:23)



Clip 1: Mayberry
Andy tells Barney to go slow when buying a car! (2:06)

Clip 2: Beverly Hillbillies
Jethro learns to fetch when he tries to teach his dog! (:50)